Buena Park Drain Cleaning

Buena Park homeowners and business owners are like many folks throughout the country, if you’re a resident or business owner in Buena Park, you will one day be confronted with a clog that you simply can’t remove by yourself. It might be something as simple as a snarl of hair in a trap or as complicated as tree roots clogging the length of your sewer drain. You’ll need to call in a contractor who performs professional drain cleaning in Buena Park, and that’s where we come in. Whatever the reason behind the clog, our Buena Park drain cleaners of OC Drain Doctors can tackle it.

We Provide Expert Rooter Service in Buena Park

Among the Buena Park drain cleaning services we offer is rooter service in Buena Park. This is very much like a drain snake, but unlike a drain snake it’s powered by a machine that uses either electricity or gas. This allows the rooter to really drill through the debris in a sewer or main line. This debris can include tree roots, which are attracted to the water and nitrogen in the pipe and quietly infiltrate it. If tree roots are left alone, they can cause ghastly backups in the toilet and other fixtures and can cause even the toughest pipes to burst.

Buena Park Hydrojetting Service

Besides rooter service in Buena Park, we also offer hydrojetting as one of our Buena Park drain cleaning services. Hydrojetting is a procedure that blasts the debris out of a sewer line with water that’s jetted into it at high pressure. The head of the jet also rotates to make sure that the debris is scraped off of the walls of the pipes as well. The water pressure for this type of drain cleaning is about 3,500 pounds per square inch, which is more than enough to clean out even the toughest debris including tree roots. To make sure we know exactly where the problem is in your drains, our technicians use a remote camera and video screen as part of our drain cleaning in Buena Park.

Fast and Friendly Buena Park Drain Cleaning Technicians

The technicians at OC Drain Doctors strive to achieve the highest standards of workmanship. They’re licensed, insured and always keep abreast of new technologies when it comes to drain cleaning. Our prices are competitive and we offer our customers a free estimate. We can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week in case of those inevitable emergencies. Give us a call if you need drain cleaning in Buena Park. We’re OC Drain Doctors, the premier Buena Park drain cleaners.