Garden Grove Sewer Repair

Garden Grove, CA Businesses and residential homeowners no longer have to worry about having their beautiful manicured lawns and majestic trees in their yards disrupted due to sewer line repairs. A professional sewer inspection in Garden Grove can be done on your pipes with a small camera being inserted into your lines. The camera will show where there are any breaks, holes or tree roots that are blocking the flow in your pipes. Garden Grove sewer cleaning is easier after the camera can point out the troubled areas. Garden Grove sewer cleaning is recommended for homes every 3 to 5 years.

Expert Sewer Inspection in Garden Grove

Garden Grove sewer repair specialists can repair sewer lines with trenchless techniques that will keep your manicured lawn in perfect shape. Traditional methods would force you to have your yard dug up for the full length of the piping. Older sewer lines may run under walkways, gardens, garages and driveways which would need to be dug up to replace a broken sewer line. Your sewer inspection in Garden Grove will assure you where the trouble areas are without digging up the lawn.

How Does Garden Grove Trenchless Sewer Repair Work?

Sewer repair in Garden Grove CA can be done with a no dig method that can save you thousands of dollars and stress. Garden Grove sewer repair and replacement trenchless systems have become popular with many homeowners. Your pipes can be lined with a flexible pipe that has been coated with resin, by pulling it through your existing sewer pipe. Professional plumbers doing sewer repair in Garden Grove CA have the proper equipment to pull a new line through your old line and inflate the new pipe. After the new pipe is inflated, the resin will harden the pipe and create a new sewer line. The new sewer line will be about a quarter of an inch smaller but it will not affect the removal of the waste from your residents.

Garden Grove Sewer Repair and Pipe Bursting

Garden Grove pipe bursting and sewer repair replacement of sewer lines can be done on pipes that have joints or may have collapsed. As long as your pipeline has enough room to drag a cable through it, the bursting method can be used for repairs. The technicians will need to open up a small hole at the beginning and end of the sewer pipe to force the cable through. The new sewer line will be pulled through your pipes and burst the old pipes, creating a completely new sewer line. These lines are durable and will last up to 50 years. Garden Grove sewer repairs using the trenchless system will keep your home and yard from being disrupted any more than is necessary.